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Mira. Sagittarius. Black female. Hockey addict. Professional eater. Book junkie. Music lover.Born in the wrong decade. College freshman.Free thinker. Daydreamer. Feminist.Multifandom ( spn, pacific rim, Disney, BBC Sherlock, Hannibal-the list is endless). Hipster, becoming a Buddhist. Really bad at tagging things. DO NOT GET ME STARTED ON SUPERHEROES. Hit me up I'd love to talk but if you're an ass, remove yourself from my blog.

05.13.14. the captain looking happy after the hawks advanced to the wcf for the fourth time in six years.

Quick someone get me a cottage in the woods

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get to know me meme: [4/-] favourite historical couplesELEANOR OF AQUITAINE & KING HENRY II

Two more strong-minded, forceful and determined people could hardly have been matched. Eleanor, who was about thirty, had already been queen of France for fifteen years through her first marriage and by her second she would soon be queen of England. Daughter and heiress of William X, Duke of Aquitaine and Count of Poitou, she was beautiful, wanton, capricious, sophisticated, highly intelligent and accustomed to having her own way. Henry was nineteen years old, bull-necked, stocky and freckled, a man of electric energy and ferocious impatience, compelling charm and an ungovernable temper.

Over the next twelve years Eleanor bore Henry five sons and three daughters. Two of their sons, Richard and John, would be kings of England. She played a prominent part in government and a patron’s role in the development of both troubadour poetry and the Arthurian legends. Not surprisingly, her life with Henry was stormy. She may well have encouraged her sons to rebel against their father in 1173 and after that he kept her penned up as a prisoner in England until he died in 1189. Under both Richard and John she was active in matters of state and she died eventually in a nunnery at Fontrevault in Anjou in her early eighties in 1204, having been for much of a lifetime probably the most powerful woman in Europe.





i keep getting random erections today and idk why

I guess you could say it’s been a hard day.


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